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An LOL Doll Themed Birthday Party

As the L.O.L. Doll trend continues to rage on into Christmas 2018 and beyond, we’ve recently launched an L.O.L. Doll Sparkle Party The party package has been a big hit already with little ones who just can’t get enough L.O.L. love in their lives! You can book this party package in Glasgow, Stirling, Ayrshire, some of Edinburgh and a few other surrounding areas in the Midwest of the country. However, if you’re further afield or fancy running your own L.O.L. Doll themed party, here’s a few tips and ideas that will make your celebration sparkle!


L.O.L. Doll Invitations

First things first, you want to let your guests know where and when this L.O.L. Doll extravaganza is occurring. We’ve had a look for a few options and love these personalised ones to make things super special. They come complete with envelopes too so you’re all sorted!


If you’re on a tight budget, these ones are good value at £2.99 for 8 invites and envelopes.



For an L.O.L. Doll Themed Party, we would suggest a pink and turquoise colour scheme, with a hefty dose of sparkle thrown in for good measure! Here at Sparkle Stars we love to put together personalised decor packages so if you’d like us to help with this, please email us at and we’ll get all your decor arranged in a jiffy. If you’d rather shop for your decor yourself, read on for some ideas and shopping links! In our humble opinion, a birthday party without balloons is almost as ridiculous a concept as a birthday party without cake! We think this L.O.L. Doll foil arrangement mixed with some classic latex balloons with LOL Doll print would be perfect.



If you have a big budget for balloons, a balloon arch like the one below would make a perfect focal piece for the party. Most local balloon suppliers will be able to do something like this. If you’re local to Glasgow, we can recommend Ceasar’s Event Styling.


As well as balloons, you’ll want some other decorations. The list of possibilities is endless! If you have a spare clear wall or even a large board you can use as a backdrop, this removable sticker would really set the scene and create a big impact for a low price.

81DjZvzwK1L._SL1200_ (1)

You can purchase L.O.L. Doll tableware like these , which are cute and tie in with your theme perfectly. However, if you’d like to get a little more creative then read on.


The L.O.L. Doll craze is all about over the top, sparkly fun. Why not add some pizzazz to your decor with a frilly pink table skirt , topped with a satin turquoise table cloth , like this setup below?


Some finishing touches like a banner, ceiling danglers and twinkly fairy lights will make the room look absolutely magical!


Now that your room is looking amazing, you need some fabulous food to serve in it! Everything about L.O.L. Dolls is miniature, so why not keep your food the same? For the savoury side of things, we’re thinking mini-sandwiches cut into cute shapes using cookie cutters, mini animal pizzas and puff pastry stars.

For the sweet stuff, go for things like mini macaroons, candy apples, and of course, birthday cake! These first two images are from Kara’s Party Ideas and really show how presentation and colour schemes can have a great impact!



For cake, we saw this absolutely gorgeous creation recently from Tilly Makes Cake but most local bakers should be able to come up with something lovely for you! Or why not try making your own if you’re a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen?! You’ll find loads of recipes and ideas on Pinterest.



There’s no point having an amazing looking party with special decorations and food if there’s no fun involved!

For an L.O.L. Doll themed party we would suggest some crafty fun such as L.O.L. colouring in, stickers or cupcake decorating. For smaller numbers, this party game looks like really good fun!


Some music and flashing lights will go down a treat with little disco divas and some themed games make everything even better! Put an L.O.L. Doll twist on traditional games as follows:
Pin The Bow – We found this game on Sparkles and Sprinkles, the same as pin the tail on the donkey, but it’s Pin the Bow on the LOL Doll. Best positioned bow is the winner. Remember to write names on the bows!


Dressing Up Game – Everyone gathers in a circle and you fill a large bag full of clothes and accessories. The bag is passed round the circle and when the music stops, the person holding the bag puts on an item of clothing. The person with the most items on when the bag is empty is the winner. At an L.O.L. party, chose L.O.L. Doll type accessories and outfits – tutus, giant bows, sparkly shoes, sunglasses, cowboy hats etc. By the end of the game, you’ll have a room full of little L.O.L. Dolls!

Islands – In this game the children dance around and when the music stops they have to find a square of paper to stand on. Anyone without a square of paper is out and you gradually reduce the paper until only one is left. For this theme, name each island after an L.O.L. Doll.

Pass the L.O.L. Surprise – Instead of passing a parcel, pass either one or two L.O.L. surprises round the circle. If you’re holding the ball when the music stops, you’re out. Last person in gets to open the ball!



What should the birthday girl and her friends wear to an L.O.L. Doll themed party? Well, the short answer is anything goes! If they are happy and comfortable, then they’ll have fun! However, if you’re looking for a little inspiration then look no further than the L.O.L. Doll collection lurking at home! For hairdos, go for space buns, bows and glitter hair spray. And for outfits, you could choose an L.O.L. Doll t-shirt and cute tutu. Team it with leggings and sparkly trainers like these Converse ones!


If you’d like to send your guests home with a little memento of the party there are a few different options. You could go for these traditional party bags and fill them with lots of goodies – remember to leave some space for a piece of cake if you have any left!



A popular and very cost effective alternative to traditional party bags are sweetie cones. You can make these yourself using cone bags, ribbon and personalised stickers and then filling them with your choice of sweets. Start off with something small like Millions and build up to Marshmallows at the top for an effective look. Alternatively, if you’re not a crafty type or are short on time, there are lots of people who make cones for you for a very reasonable costs. You’ll find sellers on Amazon and eBay and a lot of local party businesses also offer this too!


If you’re attending an L.O.L. Doll themed party, then you can’t go wrong with a matching gift. Or if you’re the guest of honour’s parent, you might want an L.O.L. Doll present to tie everything together! Here’s our top five picks.

1. A doll’s house. We’re not going to suggest the L.O.L. Doll branded one, as even if you don’t mind the £180.00 price tag, it’s rarely in stock at the moment. This gorgeous one below though is fantastic quality, cheaper and will house all the L.O.L. Dolls perfectly, providing hours of fun.


2. L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise! At £84.99 it’s not cheap but a few party guests could club together for this rather than lots of smaller presents. The toy is described as “The Ultimate Unboxing Experience!“.


3. L.O.L. Doll secret pillow. A cosy twist on the usual LOL Doll storage.



4. L.O.L. Doll Mosaic Jewellery Box – this cute trinket box has a secret surprise inside!



5. L.O.L. Surprise! Duvet Cover Set – a slightly more practical gift than adding to a probably already substantial toy collection but sure to be adored all the same!


We hope you enjoyed our ideas and inspiration for a L.O.L Doll themed party, if you have any more suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Until next time,

P. S. As usual, some of the links in this blog are affiliate links which means we get a small kickback if you purchase any of the items we’ve linked.

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