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A Day in the Life of a Party Planner

People often ask us, “So what is it you actually do if your parties are mostly at weekends?β€œ, so we decided to enlighten the masses! We know a lot of other people in the party industry and to be honest, their days might be very different depending on their level of work, their home life and other commitments. For us, although no day is ever exactly the same, it often looks a little like this:

Sometime around 7am: Wake up to a warm, sleepy little body creeping in the bed for a morning cuddle, “Sun’s up, Mummy!” a not so sleepy voice announces and the day begins!

7am – 9am: Both being mums of two, this is a pretty hectic time of day. Breakfasts to sort, uniforms to get on, bags to pack, tantrums to manage, teeth to brush, shoes to locate…you get the idea. During this time, we usually pop online to check any emails or messages that have come in since the night before and have a quick look over social media accounts. If the kids are playing ball, we’ll sometimes do a few quick tasks like processing a payment or replying to a client if its just been a simple query.

9am – Cuddles for our little people at nursery and school drop offs and hop back into the car to start the proper work.

9.15am – Coffee time! Sometimes we work from home and sometimes we travel to a local cafe if we’re in need of a stronger caffeine dose (and/or cake!). We’ll then chat over what needs done and assign ourselves various tasks and crack on. One of us will set to work answering emails, contacting suppliers and processing orders while the other one deals with staffing, making sure everyone has what they need for the weekend ahead and knows where they’re going and when.

10am – Meeting time. Who we’re meeting varies hugely but once or twice a week, we will either have a face to face consultation with a client who’s looking for something really special, one of our party hosts for a kit exchange or a fellow party professional who we’ve teamed up with to offer our clients more options or arrange a one off event with.

11am – Another round of admin, assigning staff for the month ahead, checking finances and calculating wages, fuel allowances and any other outgoings for the upcoming weekend.

12pm – We try to take some time most days to work on business development. This can be tasks such as blog posts, website updates, developing new party themes, putting up adverts for new party hosts, arranging meetings with new suppliers and countless other things.

1pm – This time of day varies. Sometimes it involves a nursery pick up followed by lunch and a trip to soft play or local kids music class. Other days, if we have some childcare arranged we have a few more hours to work. Lunch is always a must for us total foodies though! We’ll often try to fit in some exercise at this time of day too. A run in the fresh air clears the head and burns off some of the earlier mentioned cake!

2.30pm – Squeezing in a few phonecalls that can’t be made later when our little cherubs are blethering (ok, squealing and screeching) in the background.

3pm – 8pm – Back in the Mummy zone. School pick ups, snacks, after school clubs, cooking, dinner, homework, cleaning, playing, bathtime, storytime, snuggles and finally, they sleep.

8pm – Answer any urgent messages, do social media updates, some planning for the following day and log any updates in our “progress” file that we didn’t have time to do earlier in the day.

9pm – We say 9pm but sometimes work finishes much, much later and on other nights, we have something on (eating out is our favourite thing to do and we try to fit it in when it’s possible!) and have finished up earlier. However, most nights around this time, we try to take a bit of time to switch off, read or watch TV and get the kids things organised for the next day.

Our life is hectic, crazy and busy but also so varied, full of fun and amazing people- we wouldn’t change it for the world!

Until next time,

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