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Inspiration for a Magical Menu

Today we’re talking food! Children’s party food is traditionally a bit, dare we say it, dull. Sandwiches, a few crisps, a cocktail sausage if you’re lucky and finished off with jelly and ice cream. Fills a wee hungry tummy but doesn’t complement the party or spark little imaginations in any way. At our Sparkle Stars parties, we’ve seen all sorts of food being served up and even been lucky enough to sample some of it – so have a good idea of what gets little ones enthused at food table! If you’ve got a celebration coming up, check out the ideas below for some simple but super effective party food suggestions.583904967-mc014

Spicing up Sandwiches

No need to skip the sandwiches completely for a kid’s party, just give them a little more pizzaz! For very young guests, we love these teddy bear sandwiches. All you would need to create them is:

Teddy Bear Sandwiches
  • White and brown bread
  • A teddy shaped cutter
  • Melted chocolate to drizzle on for the eyes and mouth
  • Mini marshmallows and fudge to create the ears
  • Any fillings of your choice.





If it’s a Sparkle Stars party you’re having, these star shaped sandwiches would be perfect! You would just need a star shaped cutter, like this one from Kitchen Craft.

Star Sandwiches


Super Savouries and Healthy Hints

Let’s face it, as much as little people enjoy the sugary treats at parties best, you want to encourage them to have something healthy as well – so you’re not scraping them off the ceiling come home time! Try tempting them with these rainbow pizzas, ladybird bruschetta (tried and tested by us!) and fruity magic wands.

Rainbow Pizza


Ladybird Bruschetta


Fruity Magic Wands




Treat Time

Every party needs a treat or two, here’s our favourite ideas for making those sweet things even sweeter.



Ballerina Marshmallows – for any little dancers out there, these pretty treats would go down a storm. Just click on the link for a simple video tutorial.




Chocolate and Sprinkle Dipped Strawberries – So very simple but look and taste amazing! Just put melted chocolate in one bowl, sprinkles in another and get dipping! Leave in the fridge for half an hour to harden the chocolate before serving.



Pick ‘n’ Mix Cupcakes – No expensive or fiddly decorations needed for some very cute cupcakes! We found them here.




Edible Teacups – We’ve made these little teacups ourselves before and they were a massive hit! So easy to do, find out how here.


Hopefully we’ve given you some party food inspiration to turn your table into something magical! If you have any of your own ideas please share them with us!

For now,




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