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Top Tips for an Amazing Children’s Party 

Having organised children’s parties for a long time now, we thought we’d share some winning tips for making your little person’s birthday “THE BEST PARTY EVER” – this is actual quote from a lot of our birthday girls! Check out the visitor posts on our Facebook page for loads of reviews. 

So what makes a good party? Well of course we would recommend our own services on this front but it goes a lot further than that, any party, big or small, can be made super special by paying attention to the following details:


This one’s a biggy but not for the reasons you might think. We’ve hosted parties in the smallest of flats which have been great fun and then in huge elaborate halls which have just been lacking a little something. It’s all about the atmosphere you create in the space you have available. By all means hire a big hall if you’re inviting fifteen or more children along and having a disco but if you’re having a small party for eight children, they’re going to look a bit lost in there. Too much unfilled space creates an empty feeling and sucks the atmosphere from a party by giving the kids too much space to run wild, therefore losing focus on whatever activities are going on. Also, unless you have a pretty impressive music system, any tunes you play won’t have the desired effect in a huge space. If you’re organising a smaller party and don’t fancy having it at home, look into side rooms of larger venues, this will often save you quite a bit of money as well! 


It really is worth spending a little money on some simple party decorations to really bring the whole thing to life and make it personal to your child. You can do DIY decorations with fairy lights and paper chains or go a step further and order some balloon decor to match your party theme. We’re so pleased we can now help with this side of our clients parties, having teamed up with the fabulous Caesars Events Styling. The photo below was taken at party we hosted recently, where mum had done a fabulous job of turning a food table into something really special,  with just the addition of some flowers, tissue paper and hanging decorations. 


Some people cringe at little at the notion of a theme for a children’s party but in our opinion it really pulls it all together, as well as saving time for parents (or party planners) because you know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to invites, tableware, decorations, cakes etc. We offer a variety of themed parties on our website and love it when we turn up and the whole party is kitted out to match, it creates it a whole new level of birthday magic!  A theme doesn’t have to be anything complicated, it can be anything from something as basic as “Bright Colours”, to whatever film, music or books your small person loves. 


Make sure you have some music on at all times! Even if you’re having the party at home and all the children are occupied with an activity, having some background music on makes an enormous amount of difference to the atmosphere and makes it really feel like a birthday party and not just having some friends round to play. Why not sit down with with the birthday girl or boy before the big day to come up with a playlist so that they can sing along to all their favourites? If you’re hiring an entertainer who provides music, don’t be afraid to let them know what kind of music your child prefers, the more personal you can make the party, the more special it will feel. It really can put a dampener on any party, no matter how fun the rest of it is, if there’s no music, so make it a priority in your preparations! 


Ideally prepare this in advance or order something in. The last thing you want to have to be doing is running back and forward to the kitchen, worrying about burning the sausage rolls and missing out on watching the celebrations unfold. You’ve put all this effort into making the day special, you should be able to watch your efforts in action, not be stuck in a hot kitchen. If you do want to cook things during the party, try to enlist the help of friends or family so it’s not all down to you.

So you’ve planned the perfect day, everything is good to go but you’ve got an over excited and possibly slightly anxious child, who’s been building up to this moment for weeks and weeks, a bunch of children on your doorstep that you don’t really know too well and a house full of sugar and balloons…where do you start? Firstly, RELAX! This is meant to be fun. If you feel stressed out, the kids will pick up on it and the atmosphere will feel uneasy. So turn the music up, have a big smile on your face and get everyone involved in a wee ice breaker activity to ease them in. You can find a great range of ideas for such activities here.   Within a few minutes everyone will have got into the swing of things and be having a ball! 


Of course, no birthday party is complete without cake! The range of cakes you can get now is amazing and you only have to scroll your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed to find some really talented bakers. Alternatively you could try making your own or even letting siblings join in the fun, check out our design-a-cake post. We find it best to leave the cake and singing of Happy Birthday until the end of the party,  it groups all the kids together for handing out party bags and being collected to go home – then it’s a well earned glass of wine on the sofa for you! 

We could chat all day on the subject of parties but for now, 

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