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By @susieferguson 

At our Sparkle Stars parties we often do cupcake decorating with the kids. We use blank fairy cakes and various toppings to do this, so I was quite excited to find an entire blank birthday cake in Asda! I was looking for a cake for my dad’s wee birthday soiree and decided this would be just the ticket! My dad’s pride and joy are his grandkids so a cake decorated by them would be right up his street. 

I went to the cake decorating section and picked up:

– writing icing 

– icing animals

– chocolate footballs

All in this cost me about £18, which isn’t cheap but much less than some personalised cakes and had the added bonus of providing a cold April Sunday’s entertainment for my four year old. 

As a side note, you can also get a photo printed on the cake if that floats your boat!

When I took the cake out the box I wasn’t too impressed by the smoothness of the icing, it was quite lumpy! However, I figured that since I was about to set a four year old loose on it I wouldn’t worry too much. 

As it was for actual humans to consume, I didn’t want to let my dude have completely free reign on it, so we agreed on a rough design and I helped out with the writing. 

He had a ball with it though and we were pretty happy with the end result! If you’re looking for a high end looking cake, this most definitely isn’t for you, but if you want some fun for the kids and they have a sibling or relative who will appreciate a less than perfect but full of love, cake then it’s ideal!

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